IT Guidelines for the Online Program

Before the program

  • Ensure Microsoft Teams is installed on your laptop and, if possible, on your mobile phone. Access information including MS Teams installation details, link to Moodle and login/password has already been provided and passwords have been tested.
  • A user name and password will be provided for MS team, Moodle and Zoom
  • Your user account on Moodle and you will be advised to reset your passwords. Participants will be advised to review their profile information when they first login.
  • Ensure you are comfortable with MS Teams and its features.
  • Recommended bandwidth requirements for Internet are 5 MB/S (or more) with 75 GB data for the four week period.
  • Having a backup Internet facility like Mobile Data Package along with a WIFI/Landline Internet Facility is recommended.
  • Laptops should be fully charged before each session starts in case there is load shedding/power outage.

During the program

  • Your video and microphone should be turned off before entering the MS Teams Live Session.
  • The microphone may be switched on when responding to the instructor or to ask a question. Please be aware of sound distortion when multiple mics are on at the same time.
  • A mobile phone with Internet should be accessible during synchronous sessions as a backup device.
  • Please be aware that Internet speed is negatively affected if multiple devices are using the same internet connection at the same time as the bandwidth has to be shared.
  • Your user account on Moodle has been created. Please visit the webpage All of you are advised to reset your passwords by visiting Participants are advised to review their profile information when they first login.