Name: The name of the association will be PhD Association

Members: The individual current enrolled or holding a PhD Degree will be eligible to become the member

Aims, Scope and Future Vision

The PhD Association was established on December, 31st 2019 by a group of PhD degree holders because of the growing discontent with the PhD reform that had just been introduced at the time. The PhD Association will run by a Board of volunteer PhD, selected by registered members.  The initiative was taken due to the ever rising number of PhD scholars enrolled as well as the special conditions involving the unemployment. This association will try to ensure that the specific needs of the PhD candidates are not ignored while still guaranteeing the quality of a PhD degree in the country. Quality education, availability of the research facilities, and employment are key ingredients for the development. The association will maintain a good link with other organizations, associations and institutions working on the similar problems and debating with them about how to optimize the quality, effectiveness and future sustainability of PhD. The association is a non-profit and a non-governmental without any political and religious affiliations. The PhD Association will try to provide a platform to connect member institutions with one another for the identification of problems, possible solutions and exchange of ideas. The PhD Association will organize several events throughout the year and the detail of the events will be available on the website. The events will include talks by PhD graduates on career prospects, dealing with stress, talks on creating a start-up company or business, recreational, social events, seminars for special interest and much more.